Centennial Coummunity Band Concert

Aug 17 2005, 11:00 am

Centennial Celebration of Community Bands Sunday, April 17, 2005 Location: Winspear Centre for Music, EDMONTON

Description: The St. Albert Community Band has arranged a Centennial Celebration of Community Bands from around Alberta. This multi-group concert will be held the afternoon of April 17, 2005, bringing together at least six community bands from around Alberta in a celebration of Alberta's Centennial and western Canadian Music. This is a special opportunity for Albertans to enjoy the best of Alberta's community bands in Canada's finest concert hall.The event has five goals:1. To provide community bands from several Alberta cities the once in a lifetime opportunity to play in the Winspear Centre;2. To showcase a celebration of Alberta and western Canadian band music in celebration of Alberta's Centennial;3. To provide a high quality musical concert in a spectacular setting for a diverse audience and for a modest cost; 4. To build awareness of Alberta's vibrant community band programs showcasing opportunities for amateur musicians following graduation from high school;5. To build connections between community band programs from different parts of the province.As this project touches on a number of Alberta communities, the benefits extend beyond St. Albert. The first benefit is the connections this concert will create among musicians from different communities. For some this may be their only visit to the capital city in the Centennial year and will allow them a highlight of 2005 to remember. A second benefit is increased awareness of musical opportunities in community band programs around the province.

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