The St. Albert Community Band is a musical organization consisting of members from the local community. The group strives to provide its members with the opportunity to play and perform a variety of music for the enjoyment of players and audiences while increasing the proficiency level of the band and its individual members. The concert band and the big band perform throughout the City of St. Albert and surrounding areas, contributing to the music and cultural life of the community.

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    The vast amount of musical experience contained within the groups promotes an excellent learning environment for musicians of all skill levels. We always welcome new members who wish to increase their musical skill, perform for others and who also enjoy a fun social experience.     The SACB performs several concerts during the year, including a Christmas concert and a Spring concert. As well, the group will often play at community events including farmers markets, sports events, musical festivals, and we have once played for the Queen of England herself. See the events page for more information on specific dates and times. The Saint City Big Band also performs at the annual concerts, but also does various private events.

The musical part of the concert was similar to finding a gold nugget in a rock pile. Under the direction of Dr. Angela Schroeder, the St. Albert Community Band is as far from a group of rusty amateur musicians as you can get. Their vibrant sound has symphonic quality that surpasses most local area bands of the same ranking and makes clear how music can be truly perfected and loved.

  ~ Anna Borowiecki, St. Albert Gazette


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